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Here is a selection of comments from previous clients along with a little piece about me below,
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" Thomas is a hard worker who has produced excellent results for us over the last year. He is comfortable working at all levels from students to senior executives and takes great pride in supplying creative imagery to a very high standard. "

Julia Beuzeval, Production Manager at Study Group


" Thomas is meticulous in his attention detail, an absolute perfectionist, capturing beautiful images every time. What more needs saying? "

Lee Markham, Brand Manager at Bellerbys College


" Our agency has a full roster of photographers on call, but it is very difficult to recommend another photographer once the client has worked with thomas. He is simply very good at his work. "

Ashley Young, MAG Alliance


" We've just launched the Brighton destination brand as a free-thinking City. Thomas's images convey an exciting energetic city that's on the move. That's why we used one for the front cover of our visitor map. "

Nick Vowles, Visit Brighton


" Thomas will put you at ease through the creative process, he knows his stuff, producing great shots, and gaining perspectives others would miss. The results illustrate his passion for what he does. "

Christian Vila, ZT Fitness


" Thomas is a no-nonsense hard grafter who i'd want on my side. "

Amo Bassan, iCrossing


" Thomas' interaction with an inexperienced model made what could have been a horror shoot into a relaxed and very successful execution. The immaculate final product is still in use over a year later. "

Luke Wilkie, Group Acct Manager, Bates Asia


" Thomas is a pleasure to work with, His ability to capture action shots at the precise moment is second to none, his portfolio speaks for itself. "

Eric Cudro, SHO-SHOT Athletics


" What a talented photographer. Thomas found moments that we thought impossible to capture. "

Katie Mintram, Yellowave Beach Sports


" Thomas Angus brought a new level of professionalism to the Pocket Guide Cambodia. He truly raised the quality of our books. One we have not been able to easily replace. "

Dean Lennox, Pocket Guide Cambodia


" I can confidently say that few basketball photographer's match the skills or produce the results that Thomas does. Having extensive experience in basketball, he 'gets it' producing shots that few others can match. "

Sam Neter, HoopsFix UK.


" With Thomas you can rely on three things: His technical ability, his great eye, and his ability to connect with models... with a ready willingness to go above and beyond what is required, regardless of the client. "

Mike Rios, Phibious Asia


" I have yet to encounter a better basketball photographer than Thomas, consitently capturing both the action & atmosphere perfectly. "

Greg Tanner, MVP Magazine/SKY News


" Thomas is one of the hardest working photographers we've ever had shoot at Jump Off. Hisvisionand eagerness to capture the energy at Jump Off was extremely refreshing and very missed. "

Ara Stevens, The Jump Off / JUMPOFF TV


" His ideas are always innovative and delivered with great skill and confidence. "

Colin Jenkinson, Endless


" If you have the courage to see your preconceptions intelligently questioned and your business pushed forward, he's undoubtedly your man. "

Jason George, Telescope


" Thomas is one of those rare types who always seems able to remain calm and focused when all those around him are flapping, posessing an almost unfair amount of talent as a photographer. "

Mark Burvill, Antifuzz


" His attention to detail and willingness to work within our fairly challenging guidelines were both refreshing and appreciated. He proved to be equally capable of working alongside creative people as well as independently. "

Nick Downing, General Manager, Hotel de la Paix [ 5 star ]


Who is Thomas Angus Photography?

Thomas Angus photography / Studyshots / Ballershots

Thomas has been working across a broad range of genres for the best part of a decade.
Currently based in Brighton UK, but working across the UK and beyond, he specialises in capturing people in their natural environments in a uniquely fresh and vibrant way.

He does this using a variety of techniques learned during years of working on location, and although fully equipped with a location lighting rig, Thomas strives to achieve these results using available light alone wherever possible, putting the subjects at greater ease, freeing up time on shoots, and giving greater mobility to the photographer.

From Summer Schools to Universities, Alumni Corporate Photography, Sports, Editorial, Advertising and Lifestyle photography, all within a very agreeable budget.
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